Regular Backend Software Developer

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Regular Backend Software Developer

Regular Backend Software Developer

Fully Remote

10 000 - 16 000 PLN net/month - B2B

8 000 - 14 000 PLN gross/month - Permanent

We offer B2B contract or working contract

23 days paid off


We are a serious mobile ad monetization network that acquires large volumes of global smartphone traffic for performance marketing purposes. We work with many large affiliate networks and our partners rely on our superior technological capabilities to monetize their mobile ad inventory. Our tracking software processes billions of events every month.

Are you passionate about distributed systems and technical challenges?

We are looking to hire a talented Backend Developer to strengthen our team in Poland on a full-time basis.

We’re primarily looking for someone who is open to technological challenges. That’s why we do not expect a successful candidate to know all technologies we use because we are always on the lookout for new solutions as well. Join us if you are not afraid to learn.

Our daily routine consists of solving complex problems using concurrent programming. We work with high throughput stream processing, low latency APIs and designing demanding algorithms.

You’ll gain experience in

  • GO programming language
  • Redis, ClickHouse, Docker, Postgres, Kubernetes, Memcached


  • University degree in engineering, computer science or similar.
  • Strong communication and social skills.
  • Fluent Polish and English.
  • Ability to work independently and in a goal-oriented manner.
  • Deep understanding of design patterns, distributed systems and web technologies in general.
  • 2+ years practical experience with backend development (GO, JAVA, PHP, other).
  • SOLID, KISS and DRY principles in practice.
  • Ability to work with a Linux server environment.
  • Fast learner.

Additional advantage

  • Any degree of Spanish language proficiency.
  • Hands on experience with.○ SQL relational databases.

○ No SQL databases.

○ OLAP databases.

○ Any of the technologies listed in “You’ll gain experience in” section below.

We offer

  • Partial or full time remote work
  • Support in Medicover medical care
  • Work contract or B2B
  • 23 days paid off on B2B contract

More information:


The project we are going to work on is a platform that will allow you to manage and optimize advertising traffic. In the front-end part, users will be able to configure their own network of partners (advertisers, publishers) and apply a certain set of rules that will determine traffic redirection. The backend part of the project will be responsible for the implementation of this configuration. We expect traffic at the level of several thousand or several thousand inquiries per second.

The project is internal - our company is the "client".


About 5-7 programmers, graphic designer and project manager will be involved in the project. The project will be divided into front and backend, and the person we are looking for will be involved in the backend. There will be 4-5 programmers here with different experience.

Technologies used:

- kubernetes

- postgres

- him

- protobuf

- redis

- clickhouse

- kafka

- elk

Work hours:

The hours are basically fixed 9-17, but changes are possible if necessary (without great formalities, the employee simply reports the need to leave early or take a break from work and there is no problem with that).

Work tools:

We provide a laptop and a monitor if the employee wants to. Plus smaller equipment, such as headphones, mouse adapters, etc. Basically all electronics. No phone required. Employees usually have a desk, armchair or other additional equipment on their own.  Laptop MacBook Pro, 16 GB RAM. 

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