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We provide recruitment services
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About us

We specialize in recruitment activities for the IT industry

The offer is directed to clients from the IT technologies, IT outsourcing, telecommunications, as well as to IT departments in companies from the financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and FMCG industries. As part of the division, we recruit for demanding specialist and managerial positions.

All our activities are supported by many years of experience in the process of obtaining candidates, as well as in the field of IT technology. Our goal is to provide the candidate with a job that will meet his expectations, and to the client with an employee who will meet their expectations.

Time and money are great values ​​for every employer. Ligo Headhunters allows you to save both. Thanks to experience and good organization, we are able to quickly find the perfect employee in the maze of candidates. During this time, the employer can deal with his company’s affairs. And the money? Recruitment services are very close in price to the process carried out by the company. An employer looking for an employee on his own must take into account the costs from the very beginning, and Ligo Headhunters settles only after the recruitment process is completed.

Why us?

Achieve a better market position

Working with us, our client transfers the responsibility related to the process to Ligo Headhunters. He can also use professional advice and support.

Reaching a large group of candidates is the basis of the recruitment process. A small number of people interested in the position limits the possibility of matching the competences of a potential employee to the requirements of the employer. We create data banks about people from previous recruitments. Thanks to this, we have a wide range of interesting candidates.

By employing a headhunting company, the employer achieves a better position on the labor market. In the eyes of competitors, he is seen as a professional. Recruitment services save resources, and finding the right employee contributes to the development and success of the company.


Your benefits resulting from our cooperation

3 months guarantee

If within 3 months our candidate does not check as an employee at your place or resigns from work, we undertake to re-recruit for free.

Global experience

We have many years of experience in cooperation with foreign entities.

Success fee

We only charge a fee for a completed project. We do not charge for starting the project.

Lead time

We are able to close the process the recruitment process in 2-3 weeks, depending on the offer proposed for candidate (wynagrodzenia, salary, additional benefits, bonuses).

Why us?

People are the company's greatest capital

Expert knowledge

Our team consists of experts and enthusiasts in the IT area. We combine theoretical knowledge with practice, we are still learning new technologies.

Challenging projects

As part of the division, we recruit for demanding specialist and managerial positions.

IT specialization

We specialize in IT recruitment activities for clients of various sectors.

Modern management

Our experienced HR specialists effectively manage the process . of obtaining candidates based on the direct search methodology


Receive our customers on a regular basos reports from our recruitment activities.

Matching offers

Our offers are adapted to the environment in which they candidates operate. We discuss in a fun and loose form.


References from candidates and employers

“In my humble opinion, a very professional approach and hardly any of the recruiters can boast of something like that, with which I had the pleasure to talk. It’s nice that such people are still, and not sending messages to potential candidates in bulk.”
I wish a lot of succsesses!


“And I would like to say straight away that even if nothing would come out of this particular meeting, you are the best recruiter I have had the opportunity to work with (I haven’t worked better with any recruiter). I am sorry that maybe I work with a bit hard :).”

Adam Kędziora

“I wanted to thank you for finding me and recommending me to Tricentis. I have been working here for less than 3 weeks, but I decided that it was definitely a good change! 🙂 Thank you again and best regards”

Grzegorz Sidawa

“Hi Ewa, Marcin Baczyk has just accepted our job offer. Please invoice us for your fee and thanks for your help finding him! I’m sure he’ll be a great addition.”

Laura Speyer
Gardner Denver Polska

“Thank you Ewa, you have done an outstanding job and we will certainly be using you again for any future requirements.”

Thomas Greenwood
Chief Operating Officer IFX


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