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How do we work?

Four methods of searching for candidates


We recruit candidates mainly by direct search, which means that we reach people who are not actively looking for a job, but who work in competing companies in similar positions, and we encourage them to participate in recruitment.


We have a rich network of contacts in the industry and professional area in which we specialize, thanks to which we quickly reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job and we encourage them to consider the offer of a new employer.


We use the Ligo database of ~ 20,000 applications, which is constantly being expanded by new candidates and we have numerous contacts on the market. Thanks to recommendations from trusted candidates, we are expanding our candidate database with another application.

Job offers

We provide a wide distribution of job offers by posting them on and on many classifieds portals, as well as promoting them with our own social media channels.

Who are we looking for?

The right people for your business

Professionals and IT enthusiasts

People for whom work is a passion, not just a source of income. Professionals who build their employer's competitive advantage.

IT specialists

Our database of 20,000 applications includes experienced Java, .NET, C ++, PHP and other programmers, administrators, system analysts, software architects, testers, project managers, graphic designers, multimedia specialists.


Stages of recruitment

Publication of job offers

Publication of new job offers, analysis of the existing database of candidates.

Verification of candidates

Candidate market research, phone verification of availability and expectations of various people with desired competences.

Interview with candidates

Assessment, verification of skills, qualification and competence tests - preparing a list of people to present to the employer.

Candidates' recommendation

Preparation of recommendations: at least 3 people for 1 position ordered.


References from employers

“You found very good candidates. Although some people were not interested in work now, maybe they will be in the future. During the next recruitment I will contact the best ones and you of course. I would like to thank you for the recruitment, thanks to Ligo Headhunters I had the opportunity to meet very interesting people, I hope that in the future this recruitment will also translate into a specific effect for Ligo Headhunters. I am very happy with this cooperation, I will gladly share it.”

Krzysztof Madejski
Fundacja ePaństwo

“Hi Ewa, Marcin Baczyk has just accepted our job offer. Please invoice us for your fee and thanks for your help finding him! I’m sure he’ll be a great addition.”

Laura Speyer
Gardner Denver Polska

“Thank you Ewa, you have done an outstanding job and we will certainly be using you again for any future requirements.”

Thomas Greenwood
Chief Operating Officer IFX

“I have to admit that you are very good at finding candidates. I expected to have conversations with 2-3 people a week. 🙂 I wonder how many more people we should date. If we decide halfway, it will not be fair to refuse an appointment.”

Jan Karłowicz

“Also, Thanks for all the hard work! I think the two candidates we got are pretty good.”

Tina Denuit-Wojcik
Chief Technology Officer


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